This page lists an archive of all our old hiking programmes, so that you can see what kind of activities we like undertaking.

Program 2018-A

Program 2017-B

Program 2017-A

Program 2016-B

Program 2016-A

Program 2015-B

Program 2015-A

Program 2014-B

Program 2014-A

Program 2013-B

Program 2013-A

Program 2012-B

Program 2012-A

Program 2011-B

Program 2011-A

Program 2010-B

Program 2010-A

Program 2009-B

Program 2009-A

Program 2008-B

Program 2008-A

Program 2007-B

Program 2007-A

Program 2006-B

Program 2006-A

Program 2005-B

Program 2005-A

Program 2004-B

Program 2004-A

Program 2002-B

Program 2002-A

Program 2001-B

Program 2001-A