Newsletters (Billi and Half-Billi)

This page lists all our club’s newsletters (called the Half-Billi, which appears twice a year). It serves as both an archive for our members, and an easy way for interested people to see what we get up to, and how we approach things. In all honesty, though, this page is probably better for the latter–it tells our stories. If you want to get a better idea of all the things we get up to, look through our archive of past programmes.

We hope you will enjoy reading through these.

Half-Billi 2017-A(Vol25 no1)

Half-Billi 2016-A (Vol24 no1)

Half-Billi 2015-B (Vol23 no2)

Half-Billi 2015-A (Vol23 no1)

Billi Desember 2014

Half-Billi 2014-B (Vol22 no2)

Half-Billi 2014-A (Vol22 no1)

Half-Billi 2013-B (Vol21 no2)

Half-Billi 2013-A (Vol21 no1)

Gedenkbilli Schalk Theron

Half-Billi 2012-B (Vol20 no2)

Half-Billi 2012-A (Vol20 no1)

Half-Billi 2011-B (Vol19 no2)

Half-Billi 2011-A (Vol19 no1)

Half-Billi 2010-B (Vol18 no2)

Half-Billi 2010-A (Vol18 no1)

Half-Billi 2009-B (Vol17 no2)

Half-Billi 2009-A (Vol17 no1)

Half-Billi 2008-B (Vol16 no2)

Half-Billi 2008-A (Vol16 no1)

Half-Billi 2007-B (Vol15 no2)

Half-Billi 2007-A (Vol15 no1)

Half-Billi 2006-B (Vol14 no2)

Half-Billi 2005-B (Vol13 no2)

Half-Billi 2003-B (Vol11 no2)

Half-Billi 2003-A (Vol11 no1)

Half-Billi 2002-A (Vol10 no1)

Half-Billi 2001-B (Vol9 no2)

Half-Billi 2001-A (Vol9 no1)

Half-Billi 2000-A (Vol8 no1)